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About the Author

Tati B. Alvarez (also known as Anastasia Dean) is a debut author from Austin, Texas living with her family and two adorable cats: Leila and Stella. When she is able to tear herself away from her laptop or a book, Tati enjoys nerding out over all things Marvel and Disney, hanging out with her in-person and virtual friends, as well as spending all her time playing with her niece.

Growing up, she dreamed of becoming two things: an author and a teacher! Currently she works at a middle school teaching English as a Second Language. Before then, she got to share her love of literature with her 8th grade English students, (yes, you read that right. She teaches middle school.) Writing has been a passion throughout her entire life. As soon as she learned to read, she knew that one day, she'd write her own book.

Aside from fantasy, she also writes romcoms and is not so secretly obsessed with them! There is just something about a fun and spicy happily ever after that she adores.


Tati B. Alvarez

Looking for fantasy? Tati B. Alvarez is just one click away!


Anastasia Dean

Here for the romcom? Anastasia Dean, pen name for Tati B. Alvarez is here to take care of all your spicy romance needs!

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