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A paperback book of The Dragon's Rose, signed by the author. Includes two FREE art prints, stickers, and pen with every purchase. This item is availble and will ship in 3-5 business days.

The Dragon's Rose

  • Rose Briar’s life is the furthest thing from a fairy tale.

    In the wake of her parents’ death and her boyfriend’s infidelity, she has no future in Grym Hollow. So despite her sister’s ultimate betrayal, when her life hangs in the balance, Rose immediately sacrifices herself to The Guardian—the mysterious creature in charge of her small town. In exchange for her sister’s recovery, she must leave Grym Hollow and help end a war in the fantastical world of Mescos.

    Oh, and become the dragon king’s wife.

    Malix has never felt more hopeless watching his dragonkind fall to the sleeping spell, an ancient curse bestowed on them by the Nephilim. And with their enemies now awakening, his new human wife might be the only difference between their salvation or their doom.

    If only they knew what that meant.

    Though both are begrudging to accept the hand fate dealt them, neither can deny the growing bonds drawing them together day by day. And with the kingdom slowly crumbling beneath the war on the horizon, the strength and love they find in each other might be the only things that can save them.

    Book one in the Grym Hollow series. Each book follows one couple and ends in a happily-ever-after. The books can be read in any order, but reading in numerical order is best.

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