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A paperback book of The Ambrosia Deception, signed by the author. Includes FREE character art and a bookmark with every purchase. This item is availble for preorder and will ship out after January 24th.

The Ambrosia Deception (Dawn of Dasos #2)

  • Before Rhea was a queen and gave birth to three powerful sons, she was merely a disregarded princess. Until she stumbles upon Oranus, a magical Triton, who’s more than willing to give her the attention she craves. When her cruel father forces Rhea into an unsavory marriage, Oranus proposes a solution: the powerful elixir he seeks—Ambrosia—could restore his kingdom and ensure Rhea has an advantage in her male-dominated world. His help might be the only kind she can rely on, especially when her mother Gaia seems to be hiding more secrets than Rhea presumed.

    Now, after reuniting with her creator, Lilith struggles to harness her divinity in the Underworld. When her desire for destruction becomes uncontrollable, and a possible mistake in her creation rises, her only hope is to find help in an unexpected ally. Meanwhile, Finian has taken sanctuary in Olympus after rescuing Zeus’s childhood friend. But with her, Zeus’s past becomes unraveled, and accepting his father’s complicated choices might be more than Finian can handle.

    With the former lovers on opposite sides of the war, the lines between right and wrong—and who to trust—are more blurred than ever.

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