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A paperback book of On and Off the Field, signed by the author. Includes a FREE bookmark, and pen with every purchase. This item is availble for PREORDER and won't ship out until October.

On and Off the Field

  • What do you do after being left at the altar? You flee the state, of course!


    In order to put her ex-fiancé and the worst day of her life behind her, Ofelia Mendez reluctantly left her home and loving family to start a new life in Texas as an English teacher and cheerleading coach at McKinley High. Now, she is ready to take on her biggest challenge yet: get her squad to the championship, a feat no cheer coach before her has achieved. 


    There is one problem though. The annoyingly attractive coach and former professional baseball player, Maverick Wilson, who is not only dealing with his troubled past but is also determined to make Ofelia's new life more difficult.


    When the two meet, tension ignites. Ofelia and Maverick’s disdain for one another, as well as their reluctance to share the gym, quickly turns from rivalry to sexual chemistry. Is Ofelia bound to strike out in love again, or will her broody baseball player be the home run husband she always wanted?

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