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A paperback book of Fixed Up Ever After, signed by the author. Includes a FREE bookmark, and pen with every purchase. This item is availble for PREORDER and won't ship out until end of July.

Fixed Up Ever After

  • Love was never part of the deal.

    When Lola Roberts unknowingly shows up to her sister’s engagement party—the groom being Lola’s ex-boyfriend—there’s really only one thing to do: throw herself a pity party with an online, no-strings-attached hookup. Javi is the perfect distraction from her messed-up love life, and since their deal is one and done, she has nothing to lose.

    Neither one expected to see each other again.

    Working hard to get his independent business off the ground, Javi accepts a contracting job for a bookstore remodel—and Lola’s the new owner. Though their professional relationship might risk getting awkward, Javi can’t turn down the money the job provides. Nor can he refuse Lola’s request to be her fake date for her sister’s upcoming wedding and help her navigate all the family drama.

    But there’s nothing fake about the undeniable desire propelling them together. The question is, are they ready for their hearts to undergo reconstruction?

    Author's Note: Fixed Up Ever After is the second book in the New Beginnings Romance series. However, each book contains a different couple with a happily ever after that you can read as a standalone.

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